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Sarah in Tampa

Sarah Perez is from sunny Tampa, Florida where she had worked as an I.T. Professional for many years. A technology enthusiast, Sarah’s passion and enthusiasm for technology has been channeled into blogging, starting with her personal site, Sarah in Tampa, which launched in 2004. In 2007, she began blogging for Microsoft’s Channel 10 and, in 2008, she added Read Write Web to her resume, a moved that allowed her to leave her day job in I.T. altogether.

Her site at sarahintampa.com focuses on web 2.0 technologies, software, social media, and other related tech news.


eXtra For Every Publisher, or XFEP for short, was created to be a dumping ground of all of David Peralty’s ideas, thoughts and annoyances in the blogosphere and has quickly grown from there. David has been a full time problogger living in Canada for the last three years working on sites like the Blog Herald and Blogging Pro, and has learned many things regarding being a network backed blogger.

XFEP continues to provide advice relating to blogging, making money online, WordPress, advertising, and more.


MG Siegler is the voice behind the blog ParisLemon, his take on tech and new media. Since focusing the site on tech, his opinions have garnered a lot of attention both within the blogosphere and traditional media. Big companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are a large area of attention on ParisLemon, but general trends within the blogosphere itself are prevalent as well. MG also coined the term “Bitchmeme”, a phrase used to describe a often less-than-newsworthy story that gains popularity on the tech news aggregator Techmeme which bloggers then argue about.

MG also writes on startups and tech news for VentureBeat and runs Review In Haiku, TecHaiku, and ParisLime. In the past he has written for Pronet Advertising and done some work as a mentor for search start-up Mahalo. His professional background experience is in both the creative side of Hollywood and as a web developer.

The Last Podcast

Frederic Lardinois is currently a Ph.D. student at a major public university in the Northeast and is based in Portland, OR. The Last Podcast is an outlet for his writing about technology and the web.

Frederic has been writing about various topics around Web 2.0, social media, and blogging since October 2005. Since then, he has written over 1000 posts, which have been cited and linked to regularly by various large blogs and websites. Here are a few examples (in no particular order):

Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, Mashable, MG Siegler, Mathew Ingram, Kent Newsome, Louis Gray, Winextra, Mark Evans, Matt Cutts, Webomatica, Bloggersblog, WebProNews, Paul Colligan

He is also a regular on Techmeme.


Corvida is the author and blogger of social technology blog SheGeeks. She is 20 year old Social Media maven hailing from Miami, Florida, but currently residing in Atlanta, GA. She is passionate about the emerging technologies that are evolving around the internet. Corvida has also recently joined the team at ReadWriteWeb.

Tune into SheGeeks for the latest news on social media, web applications and services, and more.


Steven Hodson is a blogger from Ontario Canada who bills himself as just a cranky old fart wandering the internet causing mayhem as he goes. He has been writing about the tech blogosphere for going over a year, but before that his primary focus was that of a software developer which gives him an additional insight into technology that comes in handy as a blogger.

He likes to look at technology from the perspective of the average person rather than the typical technologist or early adopter and as such finds himself trying to splash a little realism on the over enthusiasm that seems to permeate the tech blogosphere - especially in the realm of social media.

webby's world

Webby’s World is a blog which was established in 2005. It is written by Joe Anderson, a Briton who writes about technology, but often specializes in Web 2.0. Webby’s World is also a member of 9Rules and Joe Anderson is a former Lifehacker guest editor.

marks evans tech

Mark Evans Tech is written by - surprise - Mark Evans. The blog is a mixture of commentary and analysis about what’s happening on the web - be it major news, interesting start-ups, or trends.

By trade, Mark Evans is a technology journalist who spent 10 years covering the telcom and Internet sectors. In the process, he caught the entrepreneurial bug, and has joined three start-ups along the way. He is currently director of community with PlanetEye, an online travel planning service for people to easily and quickly research and share their trips.

He writes for two other blogs, including All About Nortel and Four Reasons Why. He’s also one of the organizers of the mesh conference in his hometown of Toronto.

Hack Your Day is a blog all about productivity and playing around with the toys the internet throws at us. It is written by Daniel Pataki, quite an unproductive person, in the hope that he may learn something from himself. He tries to do too many things at once: for example, in addition to Hack Your Day he writes for the excellent gHacks and Make Use Of, has been playing guitar and singing for ages and has recently taken up piano. His main venture right now is Hack Your Day and Webtastique, a web design company. Also, he feels really uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.


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